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Europe (5 offers included)

from $2,649.00 (USD)
Per Person
Nights: 7
Price Per Night:$378.43 (USD)
(for comparison only)
Itinerary: Amsterdam, Holland (Embarkation), Amsterdam, Cologne, Germany, Koblenz – Rhine Gorge – Rüdesheim, Mainz. Excursion To Heidelberg, Strasbourg, France, Breisach, Germany. Excursion To The Black Forest, Basel, Switzerland (Disembarkation)
8 Days, featuring: Cologne, Germany
from $3,129.00 (USD)
Per Person
Nights: 13
Price Per Night:$240.69 (USD)
(for comparison only)
Location(s): Paris, France, Paris, Paris – Lucerne, Switzerland, Lucerne – Lugano, Lugano – Pisa, Italy – Florence, Florence – Rome, Rome, Rome – Ferrara – Venice, Venice, Venice – Innsbruck, Austria – Munich, Germany...
14 Days, featuring: Rhineland–amsterdam, Holland
Nights: 12
Price Per Night:$294.25 (USD)
(for comparison only)
Location(s): Milan, Italy, Milan – Busseto – Parma, Parma. Excursion To Modena & Maranello, Parma – Lucca, Lucca – Cinque Terre – Rapallo, Rapallo. Excursion To Portofino, Rapallo – Gabiano – Turin, Turin, Turin – Vercelli – Milan, Milan – Lake Maggiore...
13 Days, featuring: Lucca–cinque Terre–rapallo
from $3,419.00 (USD)
Per Person
Nights: 9
Price Per Night:$379.89 (USD)
(for comparison only)
Itinerary: Prague, Czech Republic, Prague, Prague – Regensburg, Germany – Deggendorf (Embarkation), Passau, Linz, Austria, Melk – Dürnstein, Vienna, Bratislava, Slovakia, Budapest, Hungary, Budapest (Disembarkation)
10 Days, featuring: Prague–regensburg, Germany–deggendorf (Embarkation)
6 Night MSC Grand Voyages
Malaga, Spain to Venice, Italy
from $619.00 (USD)
Per Person
+ $128.80 taxes/fees
Nights: 6
Ship: MSC Poesia
Price Per Night:$103.17 (USD)
(for comparison only)
Itinerary: Malaga, Spain, Palma De Mallorca, Spain, Valletta, Malta, Dubrovnik, Croatia, Venice, Italy
MSC Poesia is our poem to the beauty of the seas, innovative ecological cruise ship that that brings traditional craftsmanship to creative designs. Step aboard and you’ll enter a refined world of comfort, created to surprise and delight
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